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Vol 3 No 3 (2017): Issue III

Published: 2017-08-04


Prof. Ashwini Kale, Prof. Supriya Bhosale


Mr.Nitesh Purushottam Patel, Prof. Aparna P. Laturkar

Microwave absorption property of hydrothermal synthesized RGO/PbFe12O19 nanocomposite

Harish K. Choudhary, Balaram Sahoo, Shital P. Pawar, Suryasarathi Bose

Design Optimization of Filter using CFD for Energy Conservation

K. Kumar, Somnath Nandi, Sudhir Shinde, Vadi Rao, Naveen Kumar

Mid-Line Segmentation To Increase Voltage Profile

Prof. Shubhangini S. Kamble, Mr Mohammed Irshad Waheed

Financial Analysis Using Data Mining Techniques and Modelling

Shantanu Jha, Rajeshwar Sisodia, Yash Khandelwal, Nidhi Dube, Anita Gunjal

VIP methods for Sports Video - an Analysis

Dr. Aziz Makandar, Daneshwari Mulimani

Surface Treatment of M2 tool steel: A Review

Dinesh Kumar, Payal Hoshiar Singh, Naveen Beri

Optimization of riser neck for aluminium casting by using simulation tool

Suresh L. Chittewar, Vivek S. Gondkar, Sandeep S. Ahankari, Santosh T. Ghutukade

Harvesting RF Energy- A Review

Mamta Kurvey, Dr. Ashwini Kunte

High Speed Radix 8 CORDIC Processor

Smt. J. M. Rudagi, Dr. Smt. S. S ubbaraman

NFC Enabled Location Tracking System

Nida Saiyed, Tejendra Khatri, Prafulla Bafna, Dr. Anagha Vaidya

An Ontological approach towards retrieval of video semantically

Mr. Uday Kulkarni, Mr. Mallikarjun Akki, Mr. Praveen M. D, Mr. Anand S. Meti, Mr. Somashekhar Patil, Sunil V. G.

Simulation and Analysis of DPFC and DIPFC

Prof.G D Kamalapur, Vrutha Puthran, Sandeep Kudal

Simulation and Analysis of GCSC in Power System

Prof.G D Kamalapur, Prof. V R Sheelavant, Deepika Reddy, Kumar R Dixit, Ragini Para,  Arun Kanagolkar

Simulation and Analysis of IPFC in power studies

Prof.G D Kamalapur, Prof. V R Sheelavant, Anuradha Gaonkar, Byluri Sadhvirao Ballal, Sangamesh Reshmi


Miss Afrin R Pathan, Mrs. Poornima Talwai

Implementation of Electronic Road Pricing in India (ERP)

C.Mani Bharathy, T.R.Prasana Subramaniam, G. Deepakraj, S. Swetha

Data Privacy Preserving using Perturbation Technique

Prof. V. S. Mahalle, Pankaj Jogi, Shubham Purankar, Samiksha Pinge, Urvashi Ingale

A Knowledge-based approach to urban land use classification using AVIRIS imagery and LiDAR data

Prarthna Dhingra, Asfa Siddiqui, Vinay Kumar, Prabhashini Mohapatra, K. Venkata Reddy

Survey on Energy Efficient Smart Street Light System

Sunayana S. Badgelwar, Mrs.Himangi M. Pande
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