Design Optimization of Filter using CFD for Energy Conservation

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K. Kumar Somnath Nandi Sudhir Shinde Vadi Rao Naveen Kumar


The Research studies on filtration shows, over 70 Percentage of hydraulic systems failures are due to contamination or poor liquid conditions. Therefore filters are necessary in modern hydraulic systems to provide specified level of cleanliness, reliability, the hydraulic efficiency and the performance of the filters needs to be ensured the real life working conditions. For efficient operation of any pumping system, appropriate selection of associated pump is highly essential which in turn needs correct estimation of head losses of various elements specials of the pumping system including valves, filters, bends, piping etc. Since electric energy required for pumping reduces with reduction in head loss in pumping system. A need for minimum loss of head across the filters is required in pumping systems. On this background the selection of filter for a certain application is often based not solely on the filtration efficiency and dirt capacity but also low head across the filter.
The paper highlights the improvisations effected in design of Y type filter through research undertaken at CWPRS for achieving percentage reduction in head loss with original design by using CFD simulation and experimentation. The reduction in head loss to such an extent had achieved huge saving in recurring expenditure towards power charges for pumping purpose.

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