Implementation of Electronic Road Pricing in India (ERP)

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C.Mani Bharathy T.R.Prasana Subramaniam G. Deepakraj S. Swetha


The traffic congestion problem is a frequent issue for the residents of metropolises of India which is proving to be costly to the individual and society. It results in the loss of productive hours, environmental pollution, wasted fuel and adverse health effects. Although expanding the capacity of transportation systems and stimulating the public transportation may gradually decrease the traffic congestion, they cannot completely solve the traffic congestion problem. By selectively charging the road users at busy times and places, road pricing offers a method of restraining the usage of vehicles on the road networks and is potentially more equitable and more efficient than the main alternative policy option, restraint of car ownership. The main aim of this paper is to check the feasibility of implementing Electronic Road Pricing(ERP) in India.ERP not only reduces traffic congestion, but takes away the necessity of toll booths and also provides an alternate source of income for the Government of India.

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