• Aditya Bharadwaj,


A large demand for wireless data is making the radio spectrum highly congested and this is only getting worse. Bandwidth required for RF communication is rapidly getting depleted. Researches on hazards of RF have found that extreme RF radiations have adverse effect on environment. Light on the other hand does not contribute to this RF congestion since it lies in the visible light spectrum. ‘High speed data transmission of images over visible light spectrum using PIC Microcontroller’ uses a controller with light fidelity uniquely intended for secure and high speed data transmission. It is inquisitive to build up a transmitter and receiver to use light as a medium which must send the data obtained from sensor to light of its own and should exchange information through secured remote system with low bandwidth, which must play all the procedure without human interference and must carry out the work which current system is doing. It will be implemented by building up a framework which converts electrical signal to light and light back into electrical signal. The essential block comprises of control unit, sensory and light conversion. Expected outcome of this outline will utilize dedicated hub for every user with a secured transmission with fixed sensors and dedicated low power controller with a receiver will be interfaced.

Keywords: Light Fidelity (Li-Fi), Visible Light Communication (VLC), PIC18F46K22, GLCD, Photodiode, Light Emitting Diode, Optical Communication, Wireless Communication.


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