An Computer Adaptive Testing Using Rule Based

  • Nilesh Ghavate


Computer Adaptive Testing Using Rule Based Approach is an approach for delivering on line tests. It is based on complex computer algorithms rendered to achieve proper content distribution, item exposure and test length. In the Computer Adaptive Testing environment, test assessment and evaluation of each user helps the examiner to process a thorough assessment of the user’s performance level based on the knowledge and learning ability. The other benefit of this system is that each user gets different sets of questions and the probability of the questions also differs depending upon the answer that the user chooses. The Adaptive testing using rule based approach will ensure that the next question given to the user will be dependent on the previous set of questions answered by them. The intention of this work is to design and test Computer Adaptive Testing Using Rule Based Approach technique for web based applications.

Keywords: Computer Adaptive Testing, Rule based approach, Performance assessment, Polymer, web based application, mobile devices.


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