Real-time Static Numeric Devnagari Sign Language Translator

  • Jayshree Pansare


Recognition of Numeric Devnagari Sign Language (DSL) using Hand Gesture Recognition System (HGRS) has become an essential tool for dump and deaf people to interact with commoners. The development of the proposed system Real-time Numeric Devnagari Sign Language Translator (RTNDSLT) is the significant objective of our research work. The system architecture of RTNDSLT system is mainly comprised of five phases arranged in layered fashion from top to bottom. Vision-based, real-time and static RTNDSLT system works in cluttered background with mixed lighting conditions. This system focuses on histogram recognition technique, centroid recognition technique, and fingertip recognition technique. RTDSLT is based on algorithms such as Histogram Recognition algorithm, Centroid Recognition algorithm, Peak-and-Valley Detection algorithm, and Peak-Point Detection algorithm along with Sample Image Database algorithm. RTNDSLT system achieves a detection rate of 94.13% by applying the approach of Two Hands and Single Camera along with fingertip recognition technique.

Keywords: Devnagari Sign Language (DSL), Histogram, Centroid, Fingertip Recognition Technique, Two Hands Single Camera approach, Cluttered Background, Devnagari Numbers


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