Ransomware: A Cyber Extortion

  • Miss. Harshada U Salvi University of Pune
  • Mr. Ravindra V Kerkar
Keywords: Ransomware, Extortion, Malware, Bitcoins, Cryptovirus, Cryptotrojan, Cryptoworm, CryptoLocker, WinLocker, Cryptoviral extortion


Life as we know it today would be hampered without computers. They controls just about everything from basic communication, finances and even medical science. As internet technologies are advancing more rapidly, more businesses and individuals are storing sensitive data electronically. Internet has become the hunting ground for criminals to make profit, cause disturbance and bring down organizations and governments. Ransomware is the latest trend that criminals are using for extorting cash from the victims. It is malware that denies you access to your system until you pay ransom


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