An android application for health monitoring usingIoT

  • Keerthan Kumar T G


Android operating systems are being developed since last 20 years and that too for smartphones, mobile operating system has greatly evolved from Palm OS to windows pocket PC. Internet of things (IoT) is a system of computing devices which are interrelated. In this paper, we leverage about the health care using IoT and android application using smart gloves. It uses a different kind of sensors to collect the data from user’s body and a machine to machine communication to transferring the data to the server. The cloud server carries out the decision about the data, whether it in a normal range or user is in a critical situation. All the results will be displayed on the user’s android mobile application and if there is any critical situation as the collected data is very low or high compared to the normal condition then the mobile application will notify about the nearby doctors for further treatment.

Keywords: Android, Health, Smart Gloves, IOT,Cloud


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