Artificial Intelligence based Personal Assistant

  • Sulochana Devi
  • Zishan Arif Merchant Merchant
  • Md. Shaqlain Siddiqui
  • Magdina Lobo


Many people like business men, executives and
management persons need personal assistant to help them
with their day to day tasks. Personal assistant perform many
tasks including replying to emails, managing appointments,
scheduling different events etc. Now a days concept of
virtual intelligent personal assistant’s concept is quite
popular. Virtual intelligent personal assistant performs tasks
like playing music, dialling phone numbers, searching
information on Internet etc. Concept of smart equipments
like switching on and off lights and fans etc is also popular.
The need of a reliable low cost system has remained an ever
desired requirement. This paper combines both concept of
personal assistant and control of home appliances. This
paper is based on interactive personal assistant capable of
processing voice commands given by the user to execute the
desired operations like search anything from the internet,
fetching stock market information, weather report, basic
calculations, opening mailbox, etc. With the help of IOT,
proposed system will be able to control home appliances
(Smart home concept), thereby making our lives easier and
will prove to be a boon for the disabled.

Keywords: Personal Assistant, voice controlled, Natural Language processing.


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