Variation in torque of DSWIM by just changing voltage keeping speed constant

  • Anagha Soman
  • Dattatray Bharadwaj
  • Deepak Bankar
Keywords: Dual stator, Performance analysis, Experimental analysis


This paper emphasizes on, the effect of varying supply voltages on the performance of three phase dual stator winding induction motor. A prototype motor is fabricated for experimental validation of the proposed machine. The motor consists of two different windings for stator wound for different number of poles (4 and 12 pole). Experimental Analysis is done for the machine with only one stator winding excited ( 4 pole winding excited alone and then 12 pole excited winding alone). After experimentation, the results are studied and It was observed that by varying the voltage at the two stator winding terminals, we are able to change the torque provided by the motor while keeping the speed same. Also it is possible to change speed at which the motor is operating while keeping the torque same.


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