• Shikha Singh
Keywords: Voltage Differencing Trans conductance Amplifier, Floating Gate(FGMOS), Bi quad Filter, Universal Filter, Current Mirror



AbstractThe voltage differencing transconductance amplifier(VDTA) is a very new introduced active elements for fast processing of filters and oscillators. The realization of VDTA using CMOS was first given in [2].VDTA can also be realized as a tunable universal filter [3] by using only one VDTA block and two grounded capacitors and by setting the input conditions accordingly and it also provides the control over natural angular frequency as well as quality factor But the filter given in [2] was realized using TSMC 0.35µm model parameter with DC voltages of +V=-V=2Volt.In this paper we used VDTA as a bi quad filter and realize the filter using 180nm model parameter with DC supply voltages of +V=-V=0.75Volt.Hence,we are working on low voltage technique by replacing the MOSFETs in current mirror[2] to FGMOS. To check the performance of proposed circuit computer simulations are accomplished with the LTSPICE.


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