Re-implantation of an avulsed maxillary incisor after prolonged dry storage in a fourteen year old adolescent: A Case Report

  • Siddharth Anand University of Pune
  • Updesh Masih
  • Ramakrishna Yeluri
Keywords: incisor injuries, tooth avulsion, tooth re-implantation


Dental avulsion is a complete displacement of tooth out of socket along with severed periodontal ligament with or without fracture of the alveolar bone. Re-implantation of the avulsed tooth is considered as a best treatment modality due to its biological and psychological advantages. The viability of periodontal ligament cell on the root surface determines the prognosis of re-implanted tooth. Following avulsion and re-implantation, teeth are at risk for infection and infection related resorption. Severe discolorations of tooth crowns and cervical root fractures are common. Management of tooth avulsion in the permanent dentition often presents a challenge. Definitive treatment planning and consultation with specialists is seldom possible at the time of emergency treatment. Re-implantation of the avulsed tooth can restore esthetic appearance and occlusal function shortly after the injury. This article describes the management of a child with an avulsed maxillary permanent incisor that had been air-dried for about 18 hours. Follow up of one year showed that the re-implanted incisor has retained its esthetic appearance and functionality.