Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Contact Bearing by using ANN and SVM techniques

  • Sawai Mandakini
  • Randhvan Bhagwat
Keywords: Feature Extraction, SVM, ANN, Wavelet Analysis.


In this paper, an examination of the condition seeing of the roller contact bearing is presented. Bearing model data includes four novel conditions as having defective interior race, inadequate outer race, having deserts on roller and a strong bearing. For the preparation of the model bearing, laser machine is used for show of the smaller than normal size deserts on the surfaces. An alarming dissatisfaction of the moving contact bearing could cause immense financial adversities. Along these lines, inadequacy end in bearing has been the subject of genuine assessment. Vibration signal assessment has been comprehensively used in the weakness acknowledgment of turn contraption. Bearing example information comprises of four unique circumstances as having faulty inward race, blemished external race, having surrenders on roller and a solid bearing. For the arrangement of the example bearing, laser machine is utilized for presentation of the miniature size deserts on the surfaces. Support Vector Machine (SVM), Artificial brain organization (ANN) are utilized with highlight positioning technique for the information preparing reason and their adequacy of recognizing the condition is the significant reason. Highlight positioning technique is the better approach for sifting the right information in right succession for the information preparing. In results, ANN saw as more exact in examination with SVM.


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Mandakini, S., & Bhagwat, R. (2022). Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Contact Bearing by using ANN and SVM techniques. Asian Journal For Convergence In Technology (AJCT) ISSN -2350-1146, 8(1), 126-134. https://doi.org/10.33130/AJCT.2022v08i01.019

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