Authentication System Based Palmprint Recognition Using Simple Structured Neural Network

  • Hasan Kareem Abdulrahman, Dr.


Biometrics technology is gaining popularity every day. In most countries nowadays, academics are focusing their efforts on biometrics because it has an important function in security. Analyzing a large number of security cases provided researchers with significant motivation to conduct additional research and develop new ideas. Biometrics technology also has multiple uses outside of the security industry, including civil, commercial, and industrial applications. Biometrics measures and analyzes unique physical and behavioral characteristics of people. Palmprints are currently considered the preferred biometric for application in highly sensitive access control environments such as federal buildings, airports, and other critical locations. Palmprint contains a more distinctive feature and does not require a high-resolution palmprint image, unlike other biometric characteristics. This paper involves designing of high accuracy palm recognition system using simple structured neural network called single hidden layer neural network. accuracy score for the proposed state of the art is found 91.3 %.

Keywords: Palm, Gober, LBP, DWT, FFT, CNN, FFNN, DNN.


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