The Effect of Governance on Banking Performance Quality

  • Ahmed Abdel Qader Ismail Alnajem
  • Astbaraq Mahmoud Jarallah


The main purpose of this research is to clarify the nature of the governance variable impact with its dimensions (transparency, accountability, participation) on the quality variable of banking performance represented by its dimensions (creativity, job satisfaction, customer satisfaction). As governance constitutes one of the factors affecting the quality of banking service and plays a major role in raising the level of business organizations performance. The quality of banking performance is also one of the most prominent factors affecting the development of those organizations, and the research problem indicated that there is a clear deficiency in the awareness of the individuals in the surveyed sample towards the relationship between governance and the quality of banking performance. The research sample was represented by a number of individuals working in one of the reputable private Iraqi banks, and it was chosen by a simple random sampling method and including (70) individuals working in the Bank of Baghdad and its branches, and the questionnaire was adopted as a main tool for collecting research data, which was prepared based on a number of standards In order to digitize and analyze the research data, use the ready-made statistical program (SPSS). Among the most prominent statistical tools used in the following analysis: “arithmetic mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, Spearman’s correlation coefficient, and simple linear regression coefficient.” These tools produced a number of results, most of which confirmed the existence of a significant effect between governance and quality Banking performance, accordingly, the researchers recommended the need to increase the organization's interest in studying and employing governance in their organizations and how to benefit from it in enhancing the quality of banking performance with its accredited dimensions for the purposes of this research.

Keywords: governance, quality of banking performance, transparency, accountability, participation, creativity, job satisfaction, customer satisfaction.


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