Surface Treatment of M2 tool steel: A Review

  • Dinesh Kumar
  • Hoshiar Singh Payal
  • Naveen Beri
Keywords: M2 Tool Steel, Surface treatment, Molybdenum, fabrication


These M2 tool steel is a widely used material to manufactured cutting tools that have molybdenum additions as one of their primary alloying elements. This paper provides a comprehensive literature review to enhance the fundamental understanding of the cutting tools and workpiece materials with different treatments that recent technological development depends on advances in the field of surface treatments. Engineers and scientist may design most indestructible and highly sensitive cutting tools in manufacturing, however without appropriate surface finished materials to fulfill the design requirements, the final product may not be realistic. Cost is the key factor for their wider application in modern industry. Cost reduction can be achieved by simpler cutting tool fabrication methods and higher surface finished production volume. M2 tool steel is representative of a class of materials which are used under conditions characterized by a rapid application of loads and high temperatures, such as twist drills, broaches, taps, milling cutters, reamers, saws, knives and bearings. Hence, the tribological evaluation of various surface treatments for M2 tool steel is the major goal of this study.


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