Cluster Based Routing Algorithms for Vehicular Adhoc Networks

  • Suneel Kumar Badugu


Vehicular adhoc network is very important in Intelligent Transport System. Vehicular Communication plays a major  in Vehicular Network. Two types of communication is possible vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure. We need to consider two scenarios in vehicular communication. Sending the packet to nearest vehicle and sending the packet to distant one. Routing plays a major role in Vehicular adhoc network. Two types of routing algorithms are present to route packets. One type of routing algorithms, static routing algorithms compute the path in advance. Another type of routing algorithms dynamic routing algorithms, dynamic routing algorithms compute the path based on current traffic and load. Dynamic routing algorithms are more suitable for vehicular adhoc networks rather than static routing algorithms.In vehicular adhoc networks topology changes dynamically. Coming to dynamic routing algorithms distance vector routing ,link state routing,broadcasting,multicasting are more popular. Routing algorithms for vehicular adhoc networks are more suitable than dynamic routing algorithms,Adhoc on-demand routing and Destination sequence distance vector routing. And Mobile Ip For Mobile adhoc network.In this paper want to discuss about suitable routing algorithms  for vehicular adhoc networks and their map-reduce paradigms..

Keywords: vehicular adhoc network, routing algorithms,IEEE802.11p,Intelligent Transport Systems


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