Conductive Concrete Shield for Electronics Against Electro-Magnetic Pulse Attack

  • Pooja Tambe


Electronic equipment and data servers contribute for storing confidential information.During high altitude EMP attack data servers and electronic equipments are hampered critically which further leads to loss of data.To prevent this mishap we provide these equipments by improving properties of concrete so as to make it conductive.Concrete is made conductive by adding and changing different materials related to it's composition. The structure is meant to provide absorption, reflection and re-reflection to the incoming EMP waves by providing a conductive path around the structure .An optimal tradeoff is selected between compressive strength and conductivity values as the materials used to increase conductivity might reduce the strength of the structure. Along with the study of conductive materials, measurement standards for attenuation is mentioned here.

Keywords: -EMP,Conductive Concrete, EM Shielding,Resistivity, EMI , Attenuation measurement standards


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