Design, simulation, optimization and fabrication of patch antenna by analyzing different shapes of Patch

  • Sneha Suresh Kadam


  Now a days, wireless communication is integral part of society and antenna plays an important role in wireless communication. Due to this, selection and design of antenna is a crucial process. Before fabrication, it is first simulated and optimized to get best performance. Using Ansoft HFSS version 10.0.0 four different shapes such as rectangle, circle, square and meander microstrip patch antennas are simulated.  These antenna shapes are then fabricated using FR4 material with dielectric constant 4.4 and thickness 1.5 mm. Their performances are compared using parameters like return loss, gain, VSWR, radiation pattern and impedance. The operating frequency is chosen as 2.4 GHz and coaxial feed method is used to fed antennas. It is summarized that rectangular microstrip patch antenna has better results at 2.4GHz frequency compared to all other shapes.

Keywords: Microstrip patch antenna, Comparison, return loss, VSWR, Radiation pattern.


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