Home Automation using IOT and Speech Signal

  • Sayalee Dukre


Home Automation implies controlling of home appliances and features automatically and in some cases remotely using smart phone. Speech based home automation utilizes human voice orders to operate the electrical appliances in the home. It is extremely helpful for individuals and particularly for elderly and physically weakens people. These paper we developed home automation prototyped using Raspberry Pi and IOT. We present the implementation of home automation using two technologies. The First technology uses human speech technology for controlling electrical appliances when we are at home. It uses jasper software to recognize speech command and raspberry pi module for switch on or off. The second scheme uses Google app on smart phone and IOT for controlling electrical appliances when person is out of home. Raspberry pi 3B module is developed by using ARM11 microcontroller. The developed system also alerts the user about any instruction into the house when we are out of home. Relays and electrical appliances are used as load to demonstrate the working of the prototype system. Home automation using speech signal gives relaxation, comfort and security to control home appliances or office. Recommend system control electrical home equipment with human speech signal and IOT devices and easy of installation.


Keywords: Home Automation, IOT, Raspberry pi 3B, speech signal.


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