Communication System For Ship Using Android App and Wi-Fi

  • Nandan Patil


This paper discusses Communication system for ship using Wi-Fi module and Android app. It mainly consists of two parts, Main module in Ship and Module at control room of a Ship like Geographical location like latitude and longitude Position of  Ship for tilt towards right in degree, tilt towards left in degree, tilt forward in degree, tilt backward ward in degree. Fuel leakage. Fire detection in cabin. Ship Control in F-Forward, Backward, Right and Left. This information in sent to control room and harbor at 2.4 GHz frequency modulated with FSK. If fire or fuel leakage is detected, it is intimated by audio announcement, displayed on LCD and LED indication. At the control room this all information is received through Wi-Fi modem(IOT) and displayed on Mobile Commands from Mobile issued to control the ship)

Keywords: IOT: Internet of things, FSK: Frequency shift keying, Wi-Fi module: ESP 89, LED: Light emitting diode.


] Prof. A.A. Dhavalikar, overall project guidance, professor at modern education society’s college of engineering, Pune.
[2] K. Sha, J. Gehlot, and R. Greve, “Multipath routing techniques in wireless sensor networks: A survey,” Wireless
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