Automated Public Ration Distribution System

  • Sohail Khan


In our existing government ration distribution system, each family have a ration card. Based on the annual income, ration is allotted to each family. For purchasing ration user has to show first his/her ration card to the ration owner. Owner check allotted quantity for that particular ration card holder and then one can get the things. This process is time consuming. Also it is person dependent and people stand in a very long queues to get the grains and the ration. For the person who cannot read or write may not get the actual amount of allotted ration. Ration card holders in rural are complaining that ration is not supplied to them in time and in right amount. To avoid time delay in the current ration distribution system it is necessary to develop a automated public ration distribution system which will not be a person dependent .To overcome  corruption by the ration shop owner and remedies we are developing the automated public ration distribution system based on biometric authentication of the family head. This is based on the fingerprint authentication of family head and message regarding the transaction at ration shop is sent to registered user mobile number by using GSM. Depending upon the allotted quantity ratio will distributed through the dispensing model.

Keywords: Biometric authentication, Fingerprint scanner, Registered mobile number, Message, GSM.


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