pH,EC measurement and control for Aeroponics

  • Pranav Somawar


Water is a brilliant dissolvable, it contains numerous sorts of minerals and chemicals .Molecules present in water form Hydrogen bond with each other to dissolve. This phenomenon focuses on water storage monitoring for plant with pH sensor. First step is to automate water storage for plant which control level of water in tank is 6.5 to 8.0.

Conductivity is amount of salt present in water. Unadulterated water does not contain salt, so it has zero conductivity estimation. Controlling the nutrients strength is important part in plant growth. Without proper measurement crop will fail from root burn brought by too high nutrient level, different crop grows at different level of nutrients .For maximizing intake of nutrient in plants and minimizing the stress. It is important to control strength of nutrients for providing proper root zone. In Aeroponics and hydroponics this kind of nutrient solution is used.

Keywords: pH sensor, conductivity, hydroponics, aeroponics.


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