• Swati Yadav


Nowadays the world is more faster. In daily life requirements of milk is also increasing So this proposed system will change indian farmers lifestyle . Agriculture is strength of country and The main joint business of indian farmer’s is dairy farming. Dairies are collected milk from farmer everyday and payments are made on the basis of rate per liter. The rate’s are depend on different  parameter like weight, FAT, adulteration . More be the fats, more be the price. For this reason there is a huge level of corruption in milk collection center. Milk collection center gives daily receipt of milk information so there is wastage of paper also .It is also observed that if milk collection center gives more facility to the farmers, farmers takes more interest in it. So for that reason. So that in our system we have given option to the farmer, so that they can order cattle feed.

Here we use concept of adhar card for identification of each farmer. Our system will measure these parameters correctly and calculation is also done automatically. In our system there is a direct communication between dairy and farmer. Automated corruption free milk parameter monitoring and collection with paperless receipt is main aim of our project.

Keywords: FAT, weight, Adulteration, Milk collection center, cash counter


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