• Mayuri Itoria


recently, lots of research has been done for artificial material or metamaterials whose property does not exists in nature but can be designed using metallic and dielectric structure to show properties like negative refractive index (NRI). Metamaterials find lots of applications in antenna design like low permittivity substrate to reduce the size of antenna, superstrate structure to increase the gain, and bandwidth of antennas, and also used for design of compact antennas for different applications but with main constraints of impedance bandwidth. The scope of this work is to design and simulate a novel structure having simultaneous negative permittivity and permeability so called double negative (DNG) metamaterial or left handed material. The complex permittivity, permeability and refractive index are determined from simulated Scattering parameters using direct retrieval method. Simulations of DNG structure are carried out using HFSS. The proposed DNG is then employed as a superstrate of MPA which reduces the surface waves and edge diffracted waves of an antenna and therefore reduces its losses.

Keywords: Double Negative, Left-Handed, Metamaterial, Negative Permeability and Negative Permittivity, Negative Refractive Index


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