An Optimization of MPEG-2 to Concise Color Video

  • Neha S Wahab


With incredible advances in digital video
technology, there is also increase in use of limited
expensive resources. In this paper compression is
achieved by using two algorithm scene change
detection and key frame extraction. Scene change
detection is accomplished using MPEG-2 (Moving
Picture Expert Group) . Broadly frames are of three
types is B I P. MPEG 2 detects scene change detection
hierarchical level of frame type. Key frames
extraction is done using X2 as histogram difference.
The resultant frames are replacement of complete
video. The compression ratio is achieved is 0.9537%
.For key frame extraction threshold plays an eminent
role. Video is segmented in scene shots over frames
respectively so this paper competently and
commendably use the limited expensive resources
such that to cater every individual requirement.
Application to this entitled project is used cellular
phones for video broad casting. Streaming
conferencing portable media player (PMP) Digital
storage media HDTV cable TV.

Keywords: Video,Bandwidth,compression,MPEG, Scene.


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