The Wind Farm System: Literature Survey

  • Dr. D P Kadam


With increased wind power capacity, transmission system operators have become more concerned about the power quality; reliability and reactive power management of Grid connected wind farms and have issued grid codes. The major concerns and issues highlighted in grid code are active, reactive power control and power quality. In India the majority of wind farms are in rural area. Increasing size of wind farm connected to grid will lead to various challenges such as power quality, security and reactive power control during normal operation, and fault ride through capability during fault conditions. Considering the challenges to be faced related to interfacing of large wind farms using Induction and Synchronous generators, it is necessary to study the various power quality, stability and reactive power requirement of large-scale wind farm connected to grid and provide cost effective solution for management of power quality and reactive power. Overviews of literature survey on Power Quality and Reactive Power Management Of Grid Connected Wind Farm are discussed.

Keywords: Wind Farm, Wind Generator, Power Quality issues, Power Quality and Reactive Power Management.


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