The Fingertip Detection and Character Recognition Technique by using Leap Motion Controller in Air

  • Prateek Sharma


Leap Motion Controller is a 3D Gesture Recognition tool which track the movement of hand and objects in its scenario . The controller provides position of object in 3D space in the form of informative data . It consist of led bulb and uses infrared radiation to track the objects . Leap Motion Controller can track twenty frames per seconds. This paper starts with brief review of various character recognition techniques which includes the methods of recognising character in human understandable language . Artificial intelligence techniques plays a major role in determining the character it includes various methods which are helpful in recognition of character such as HMM, Supervised Learning , Clustering , etc. Further, in this paper we are supposed to use coordinated path ordering Techniques to recognise character using Leap Motion

Keywords: Leap Motion , Natural Human Computer Interaction


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