The Study of Rocker Bogie Suspension System with Spherical Wheels & its application on Vehicle Chassis

  • Rakesh Nath


Having done a case study on Rocker Bogie Suspension System in the view of using it in harsh terrain and rough geographical conditions where any conventional vehicle suspension system fails, robotic rovers are being used extensively for exploratory purposes in the fields of scientific exploration and defense and we are of the view that it can be put to use in day to day life. We have also done a case study on Spherical Wheels, whose advantage which offers rigidity, robustness, non-invertible while travelling over rough surfaces. This is an excellent upgrade to the conventional wheels as it solves numerous problems faced by conventional wheels. So we are working on a prototype model integrating these two systems, we have already designed a 3D model using SOLIDWORKS. We plan to stabilize it and make it suitable for handling various problems as it’ll provide greater maneuverability along with omnidirectional movement and we view it as a potential replacement to the conventional chassis system in vehicles.

Keywords: Rocker Bogie; Suspension; Terrain; Spherical Wheel; Conventional; Omnidirectional; Maneuverability; Virtual prototype


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