The Multiple Feature Extraction in CBIR with Relevance Feedback

  • Prajakta R .Thakare


Rapid expansion of image data on internet opens the way to image retrieval systems. Most commercial image retrieval systems include text based approach which is incompetent as some features are nearly impossible to describe with text. In an effort to overcome these problems and to improve image retrieval performance researchers are focusing on Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR). CBIR system uses the contents of image such as color, shape and texture features. This paper presents superior feature extraction technique in CBIR using multiple features like color and texture than the single feature. The performance of CBIR systems is further enhanced by relevance feedback (RF) mechanism that incorporates human perception subjectivity into the query process and provides users with opportunity to evaluate retrieval results.

Keywords: CBIR; color; texture; feature extraction; relevance feedback


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