An oneM2M Compliant Sensor Network for Smart farming & Cellular Radiation Monitoring

  • Pankaj Kumar Dalela


Agriculture is the worldwide prime occupation of human being. The increase in the pollution and other environmental problems such as global warming and radiation from the base stations have harmful impact on the farming practices as well as threats to health of human beings. So, the modern technology is necessary to resolve these problems and support better irrigation management. This paper presents a system with a oneM2M compliant sensing network that senses the soil moisture, temperature & humidity, light content and the electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation in the environment and send the collected data over Wi-Fi to the Thing Speak server. Raspberry Pi is the controlling unit for this system that collects all the data and send over Wi-Fi. The present work focuses on developing a Smart Farming System for helping the farmers in increasing their productivity. Additionally, this system also monitors hazardous radiation from cellular towers.

Keywords: EMF, IoT, Things Speak, oneM2M, Sensor Network Wi- Fi, Wireless, WSN, LDR


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