A Preserving Personal Privacy in Personalized Recommendation by protecting the Sensitive Subjects

  • Parmeshwari Varpe


Recommender frameworks turn out to be progressively famous and broadly connected these days. The release of users’ personalized information is required to give clients exact proposals, yet this may put users at risk. Due to the troubles of personal privacy, user’s willingness to expose this data has turned into a noteworthy obstacle for improvement of personalized Recommendation. So the motive is to safeguard the sensitive subject. In this work, it is proposed to create a gathering of dummy preference view, to protect user’s sensitive subjects. Firstly, a client based structure for user security assurance is introduced, which does not need any modification to existing algorithms, as well no trade off to the proposal exactness. Then a privacy protection model formulated by the prime requirements such as similarity in the feature diffusion and the degree of exposure is put forth. Feature distribution measures the success of counterfeit preference profile to envelop unique user profile and the degree of exposure measures the favorable result of counterfeit preferences to envelop sensitive subject. Then finally based upon the subject archive of item characterization, algorithm to meet expected level of protection is introduced.

Keywords: Personalized Recommendation, Personal Privacy, Sensitive Subject.


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