A Novel Approach of Inhalt Based Video Recuperation System Using OCR and ASR Technologies

  • Swati K hokale


Now a days Lecture videos are present methods for E-learning process. The degree of lecture video data on the (WWW)World Wide Web is growing very quickly. Therefore maximum appropriate technique for retrieving video within vast lecture video library is required. This technique will be very beneficial for the new and existing users to search related video within a short period of time. This paper shows a different method for inhalt based video searching for receiving correct outcomes. The main aim of the proposed system is to recover a video on the basis of its substances rather than retrieving video consulting to its title and meta data explanation in order to provide an correct for the examine query. For mining text data printed on slides we put on optical character recognition algorithm(OCR) and automatic speech recognition algorithm(ASR) to convert speaker’s speech into text.

Keywords: Automatic Speech Recognition Algorithm.(ASR),E-learning Videos, Optical Character Recognition (OCR).


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