• Harshad Lajurkar


Today’s Technology improving daily different aspect in order to provide flexible and safe movement for people. The blind people used the blind walking stick to find out if any obstacle is present in front of them. For any type of movement blind people uses their own senses such as hearing sound and touch. So to overcome this problem we are developing blind walking stick for blind people. Another one more system is added is currency recognition system for visually impaired people using image processing Money related transaction is an important part of our day to day life. With the consideration of visually disabled people or blind people, it is somewhat difficult task to identify the paper currency as it has same feel without any brail marking on it. Even though denomination based on size may or may not be identified but it is almost difficult to identify whether the note is original or fake. It is the question on edge to develop such a system that will make sure for visually disabled or blind people that the currency they have is original or not. So to overcome this problem we have designed the currency recognition blind walking stick for blind people.

Keywords: Currency recognition, image processing,intelligent stick, Microcontroller, Ultrasonic sensor


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