An Multi-Factor Biometric based Authentication System

  • Muzammil Ahmad


Fingerprint authentication machines are widely used these days in various organizations to record the exact time in and time out of their employees. These machines stores the sensitive information of the individuals like fingerprint in it. There are two main problems associated with this kind of authentication process which we addressed in this paper. If somehow the stored finger print impression gets stolen, it may use as a replay attack on behalf of particular user in various biometric logins, secondly a single factor for authentication is less secure from the prospect of authenticity. We proposed Multi-factor authentication and hash storage, where the user has to be authenticated himself with three parameters as smart card, password and fingerprint. This reduces the false authentication and replay attacks. Similarly secure storage using hash function overcomes identity theft if machine compromised as the one way property of hash functions.

Keywords: Replay attack, identity theft, hash-code


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