• Ajay Kumar Lal


The most challenging problem for the design and implementation of a defense system is performance in accuracy and speed in a real time environment. For instance, the relay can differentiate between actual faults and load encroachment and be blocked. To calculate the overloads occurring due to the outages and measure propagation of cascading failures across a transmission network a sensitivity factors based generation shift factors (GSF) and line outage distribution factors (LODF) can be used. It is proposes a new methodology DFCA to distinguish line overloads from actual faults and to measure the “Discriminating” factors the sensitivity based power flow analysis can be used for distance relays. The main purpose of this proposed algorithm is to improve disturbance monitoring and system event analysis for discrimination between load encroachment and real system faults. The cascaded events can be measured in a sample-6 bus power system interconnected network and work has been carried out in MATLAB- environment.

Keywords: Discriminating factors calculation algorithm (DFCA), Blackouts, cascading events, wide-area control, zone 3 distance relay.


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