A Natural Convection Heat Transfer by Heated Plate using DifferentTypes of Notched Fin Arrays–A Review

  • Ramsing V. Thakur


The purpose of fin is to increase heat transfer from the surface to surrounding by increasing the product of the surface area and the heat transfer coefficient. Fins offer an economical and trouble free solution in many situations demanding higher natural convection heat transfer. The main controlling variables generally available to the designer are the orientation and the geometry of the fin arrays. In case of short horizontal arrays, it is observed that the air entering symmetrically from both the ends gets heated as it moves towards the centre of the fin channel, as well as it rises due to decrease in density. So, a stagnant zone is created at the central bottom portion of fin array channel and hence it does not contribute much in heat dissipation. Hence it is removed in the form of notch from the central bottom portion of fin in the form of notch to modify its geometry for enhancement of heat transfer. Many researchers have been studied the heat transfer rate through without notch and notched fins by using different types of material and different types of notch by experimental setup or computational methods to study the effect of natural convection. In this review paper, the main objective of this paper is to give brief overview of enhancement of heat transfer rate with the help of notched fins.

Keywords: Fin Array, Natural convection, Notch fin array,Single chimney flow


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