The Power Management with Solar PV in Grid-connected and Stand-alone Modes

  • Sushilkumar Fefar


As, the use of energy increasing, the power quality requirements are also increasing. Photovoltaic panels are generally used to compensate the energy demand. Due to the characteristics of PV panels and solar irradiation, output power is fluctuated. So that battery storage system is generally used to eliminate power fluctuation problem. The battery bank is communicated with DC bus by a bidirectional DC/DC boost converter. Upper limit and lower limit of the battery storage are considered in power management algorithm to increase the life cycle of battery bank. The paper proposed power management schemes to regulate both AC and DC bus voltages. The proposed power management system is capable to regulate power for grid connected mode and islanded mode. This paper mention power management algorithm and simulation, for both grid connected mode and islanded mode. The paper mention experimental results for both condition main grid connected mode and islanded mode.

Keywords: grid


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