An Implementation Of GIS in Agriculture: A Boon To Sustainability

  • Ankita Mohapatra


Sustainable Agriculture has been identified as one of the most important elements of the Sustainable Development Goal. The entire world is striving relentlessly to achieve it. In the 21st-century communication/ digital communication has been the major breakthrough and act as a driving force to research, development, living & well being. The Importance & impact of IT on agriculture attains high priority. Further, Introduction of Geographic Information System [GIS] has brought a revolution in communication. To see the collaboration of IT with different sectors may be challenging. Agriculture is one among them. Agriculture is known as the backbone of India's economy. It is a traditional sector which is vital to the survival of modern man. The collaboration of the traditional sector with the modern idea is E-Agriculture.The purpose of this paper is to get a clear view of the growth of agriculture sector by direct and indirect observations and experiences from the governance of IT in the rural sector of Odisha.

Keywords: E-Agriculture, Geographic Information System, Vertical Farming, Organic Farming, Intensive Farming.


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