An IoT Based Public Bus Boarding Aid for the Visually Impaired

  • Sameer Pradeep


Public bus is an important mode of transport for the blind to travel independently. But they still feel challenged to board a public bus without the aid of another person. So this IoT based system aims at helping them to board the public bus independently without any assistance from other people. It helps the blind to select a specific bus via voice command and also to let them know via audio playback when the bus arrives. At the same time bus will be informed with the location of the blind person via GPS. The system consists of a client module and a bus module. The bus module consists of an ATMEGA-328P-PU microcontroller from Atmel combined with a GPS receiver and a GSM mobile network transceiver. All buses transmit their location information using this device to a server. A switch is provided for the driver to push when the bus arrives at the client’s location to transmit the information as audio message to the client. The client module is made with BCM2837R1FBG microprocessor from Broadcom. This microprocessor runs a custom version of Linux which is programmed to receive voice commands from the blind person and make adequate action. D-Link DWP-157 is used to connect this microprocessor to the internet

Keywords: Blind, ATMEGA-328-PU microcontroller, GPS receiver, GSM mobile network transceiver, BCM2837R1FBG microprocessor, D-Link DWP-157, Linux, IoT based system


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