An Forensic Case Study: Importance and Used of Multiple Tools in Recovery of Vital Evidences from Mobile Devices

  • Ms. P . B . Binnar


Now a day's mobile users are increasing worldwide and crimes related to mobile phones are also increasing. Extraction of important evidence from exhibits is also challenging. Different tools give different results depending on type of extraction it supports. In this paper, crime involving smartphone, a real case study is discussed. This paper is mainly focused on extraction of digital evidences which can simplify the task of forensic investigator. The main objective of this paper is to study and compare results of different existing forensic tools such as UFED 4PC, XRY, Oxygen Forensic Analyst. Further how tool helped to recover deleted data traces is discussed. This case study undertakes practical experiments to identified sources for evidence that can later be used in the judiciary system.

Keywords: Digital evidence, Digital Forensics, mobile forensic, Oxygen Forensic, extraction method, UFED 4PC, XRY, data acquisition.


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