A Multi-band Double I-shaped slot Microstrip Patch Antenna With Defected Ground Structure for Wireless Application

  • Nilima A. Bodhaye


This paper proposes a design of multiband Double
I-shape slot microstrip patch antenna with dumbbell shape DGS
(Defected Ground Structure). The antenna structure comprises
double I-shape slotted antenna with Dumbbell shape DGS for
wireless applications. The antenna is designed by using FR-4
epoxy (Fire Retardent-4) as a substrate and obtained the
multiband results at 2.45 GHz, 3.58 GHz, and 5.50 GHz. This
antenna structure is further modified by incorporating parasitic
elements parallel to the radiating edge of the patch. This
modified antenna is resonated at four frequencies at 2.45 GHz,
3.60 GHz, 4.68 GHz and 5.50 GHz respectively and analyzed for
the antenna parameter like VSWR, antenna gain, bandwidth,
and radiation pattern. HFSS simulation software has been used
for designing and simulation of the proposed antenna. HFSS
software is used for simulating microwave passive components.

Keywords: DGS, microstrip patch antenna, HFSS


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