A Polymer Studies for Insulated Power Cable

  • Kriti Vaid


In reviewing the history of the development of power cables have gained popularity among quality of power in terms of transmission. A new class of plastic materials has been developed; the outstanding characteristics of Polymers have pre-determinable electrical conductivities and possess perfection in physical, electrical as well for mechanical properties. The supply of power with higher reliability is the main aspect of power system and trouble-free performance of power cable is extremely important in utility side. Power outage causes by failure of cable insulation to overcome all the issues the new polymer materials came in use for the improvement in power cables. Aim to search new material which can improve the environmental compliance of wire and cable in all regions of the world. The variety of uses associated with the manufacturing and installation of insulated power cable consisting a number of materials of high conductivity metals polymers base, that are extruded around the centre conductor which are having different effects in terms of performance. Present days power cables are amazingly developed with improved dielectric properties and progress has been made by adopting method of preparation.

Keywords: Power cables, Polymers, Insulation materials, Electrical properties, Ferrites, Power quality.


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