MediBot :A predictor and analyzer for CVD

  • Kadambari Deherkar


Cardio Vascular disease are now considered to be one of the leading causes for death. It is the essential now to predict such diseases beforehand so that people can take precautions and try to preclude CVD. Thus, it is important to devise a method that aims at predicting these diseases and in less time. This paper aims at developing a CVD predictor which also provides suggestions to the users for lifestyle improvement. For this purpose, this project is making use of the Random Forest Algorithm, which has shown to provide a better accuracy rate than the previously explored methods. The main aim of this project is to help the users catch the risk of a heart disease at an earlier age and curb this in order to lead a healthy and beautiful life. This project will include a Chatbot application called as the MediBot through which the user can enter their details and get an almost accurate prediction of the risk level.

Keywords: Data Analysis, Data Mining, Medical information systems, Prediction methods


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