InstaMed+: Medical Assistance System for Accidents

  • Abhay Gupta


Long latency needed for emergency responders to arrive may be a primary reason behind magnified fatalities in serious accidents. A technique to scale back this latency is to scale back the number of your time it takes to report an accident. Smartphone’s are present and with network property are excellent devices to right away inform relevant authorities regarding the prevalence of an accident. We have a tendency to be coming up with a mechanical man application which can be helpful for peoples to assist different peoples who are laid low with incident like accident. It’ll facilitate U.S.A. to save lots of the accidental person. Project is style for an accident detection system. The accident detection systems inform the police room regarding the accident by clicking icon of accident. The appliance recommends close hospitals and police stations list in application. FIR is generating by police office and sends copy to the revered hospital system. Revered hospital scan user QR Code and supply treatment per info. Conjointly send emergency SMS to user’s pre-register mobile variety.

Keywords: GPS, mobile interaction, QR-Codes


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