A Compact Quad-band Metamaterial Absorber with Wide Incidence Angle for EMI/EMC Applications

  • Kanwar Preet Kaur


A compact quad-band metamaterial inspired microwave absorber with wide incidence angle has been reported. The unit cell is composed of L-shaped resonators enclosing a square patch carved on a low cost metal-backed FR-4 dielectric substrate. The optimized absorber exhibits absorption peaks at 1.92GHz, 2.15GHz, 2.44GHz and 2.6GHz thereby covering L-band and S-band frequencies for EMI/EMC applications. The full width at half maxima (FWHM) bandwidth of 19.7% extending from 2.1GHz to 2.56GHz is achieved. The proposed absorber structure shows high absorption under oblique incidence angle up to 45°. The standard printed circuit board (PCB) technique is utilized for fabrication and testing is accomplished by waveguide measurement method. The simulated and measured results are equitable with each other

Keywords: metametrials; microwave absorbers; resonators; polarization


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