Parallel Operation of Inverters With Droop Control of Voltage and Frequency

  • Rakesh S Kushwah


In distributed generation numerous small generating stations are connected to micro grid by using interfacing inverter. While connecting a various inverters in micro grid, load sharing amongst them in very important factor. This paper presents a novel approach for interfacing parallel inverter, the technique used in this paper is based on P-F/Q-V droop control. This technique is very helpful when micro grid is operating in island mode. The droop control is designed in a such a way that it helps in maintaining the voltage and frequency stability. In this paper method of droop control is implemented and characteristics of proportional load sharing are obtained from each connected inverter. The two inverters operation is shown in this paper. The two inverter scheme with droop control is implemented in MATLAB and results obtained shows significant sharing of load while maintaining the constant voltage and frequency.

Keywords: Parallel operation of converter, droop control of Voltage and frequency, power grid, proportional power sharing etc.


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