Medi-Assist System

A system for remote monitoring of patients

  • Kadambari Deherkar


Rural health care is a one of the biggest
challenges in India. With more than 70% of the population
living in rural areas, it becomes all the more critical and
high priority challenge for the authorities. This work
proposes a MediAssist system for remote monitoring of
patients, especially in rural areas. The system plans to focus
on the health parameters of the patients admitted in the
rural health subcentres. The paper highlights the
application of various technologies like IOT and
technologies such as Apache Kafka for capturing and
processing continuos, real time data ie patient's vital
parameters such as blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature.
Real time reporting of the patient's health condition is
possible by capturing and processing this data.

Keywords: Internet Of Things, Rural health, Apache Kafka, real time Monitoring.


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