System on Chip based Design of a Prototype Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicle

  • Sudam Adlinge


This paper discusses regarding design and development
of a simple, low cost, the prototype of an Unmanned
Sea Surface Vehicle (USSV). Prototype USSV using System on
Chip(SoC) can be developed which could be used for carrying
out surveillance at sea and underwater survey operations.After
implementing autonomous control system this vehicle can be used
for more complex operation such as Intelligence Surveillance and
Reconnaissance (ISR) operations. This vehicle is developed based
on centralized architecture, System on Chip (SoC). Interfacing
circuits using analog components are designed so that inputoutput
devices can be reliably interfaced. Interfacing Software,
Communication Protocols, and the Remote control panel is
designed and developed for the prototype USSV. Selection of
off the shelf navigation and Instrumentation sensors, Thrusters,
Communication systems and Payloads with its interfacing is
briefly explained in the paper. Finally tests and trial results
are discussed along with conclusions and further scope for

Keywords: Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicle, System on Chip, Hardware and software design, Development of algorithm formation, Remote control design, Interfacing of sensors and Input-output device, Tests and Trials, Conclusions and scope for improvements


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