Solar Charge Controller Using MPPT

  • Dipali kale


In the developing world various technology develop every day hence there is required more energy. The energy demand increase day by day we need to find innovative solutions as our available resource are going to short. The use of solar energy is comparatively less to other available energy sources at present. This paper presents detailed design, implementation of solar charge controller using Maximum Power Point Tracking ( MPPT) technique. Solar controller charged the constant voltage battery under varying atmospheric condition. We used MPPT algorithms for getting maximum power from solar panel. This power from the solar panel is use to charge battery. Solar energy is stored in the battery. The solar charge controller is also designed to display the battery voltage by LCD for user friendliness. The solar charge controller designed using a DC/DC buck converter whose switch was controlled by a PWM signal generated by the pic 16f877a microcontroller to regulate its output. The microcontroller generates the PWM signal after its MPPT algorithms analyzes and decides the ON time PWM signal

Keywords: MPPT, DC/DC buck converter, pic16f877a microcontroller, LCD.


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